Pet Portraits & the Natural Landscape

Dogs are our friends, companions and an integral part of our lives.   They are also our connection to the natural world.  Their adventurous spirit, whether hiking through the mountains or jumping into a nearby stream brings joy to my heart.


Nature fuels my creative spirit and I become inspired by the connections I see with humans, their environment and the pets they share it with.


Bring your journey with your pet to life. Create artwork of your adventure and bond with your pet.





Rosy Dawn at Upper Onondaga Park



Louie & Mom ( dog & human)

Animals & their people

Black dog painted on a coppery background


About me

I have always had an affinity for the great outdoors, animals and photography.  I always looked at Ansel Adams work with a longing to see those places and experience the sense of wonder and majesty that God graced us with.  As I grow older, I wish to capture those images to help foster belonging and environmental justice.   My images capture the beauty I see as I take my journey in life.

My journey is not always alone.  I have taken my journey in life with some wonderful dogs.  They each have had their own personalities from comforter to clown  and my current wild child.

I always wanted to capture the personalities of each and then the bonds between us.  I was taking selfies with my dog's long before you heard the word.  I would set up my camera on the timer and jump in.

Our pets are gone too soon and they each have their own personality that shines.   I would love to help you capture the uniqueness of your pet and the bonds that you share through your journey together.

Photo of Nancy Kieffer
Courtesy of Jussara Potter

Are you ready to Capture your Journey with your Animal?

Horse and owner

Nancy was very Patient.

Nancy came to my home to photograph my cat Tinkerbelle.  This was not an easy task as cats don't really respond well to commands! Nancy was very patient. She played with Tinkerbelle to get different looks/poses. She had equipment to control/enhance lighting and an excellent camera.  She took so many wonderful shots that I had a hard time choosing what to pick.

Pat C.

Prompt and professional.

For starters, this was the first time I've ever had my pictures taken by a professional photographer.  She was prompt and professional and obviously knew what she was doing and was familiar with angles and lighting as well as what poses would look best. Another huge bonus is that her prices are reasonable.  I will definitely be utilizing her services the next time I need a professional photographer. thank you Nancy!

Darren S.


Joy session