New Years at Upper Onondaga

20160101_upper Onondaga_033

I wanted to get up early New Years Day to catch a sunrise, but the skies prior to midnight did not look promising.  When my alarm went off in the morning, one look at the sky sent me back to bed for an hour as I knew the sunrise was not to be seen.  I did however,  push myself to still get out after an hour to get some pictures.  I headed to Upper Onondaga Park.  It has a gazebo with a Christmas tree in it.  I was too late to catch the tree with the lights on, but just in time for the snow to start softly falling.  I took this at a slow enough speed to capture the falling snow.


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Lessons from a Senior Dog

Nancy Kieffer

Working as a pet photographer as well as volunteering in a rescue, I have been blessed with getting to know a number of senior dogs. While I lost my Midnight at a young age, I was very fortunate to have Shamus with me for many years. Shamus was my clown, but boy did he know how to live! His wisdom grew as the years pressed on. I learned that each day spent with my senior dog was a lesson on the importance of living in the present, cherishing our bond and embracing our everlasting friendship.