Month: January 2017

Oswego snowy owl

Oswego’s snow owl


Here is another picture of Oswego’s snowy owl.  This time she was up in the tree and didn’t need to squint to look at me.  Those bright yellow eyes were something to behold staring down at me.  I received some more information on this bird today.  She is a juvenile female bird.  She is being tracked by Project SNOWstorm.  This…

Snow owl in Oswego

Snow Owl


There was no snow in Syracuse today, so I decided to go to some places that had snow. Along the way, I stopped in Oswego at Breitbeck Park and was blessed to see a snow owl.  I believe this is a young owl as my research indicates that the young have dark spotting which is predominate.  The adult males are…

Seneca Falls

Women’s March at Seneca Falls


While hundreds of thousands of citizen’s descended upon Washington DC to defend women’s rights, I decided to attend what was to be a smaller gathering at the birthplace of Women’s Rights in Seneca Falls, New York. The number of attendees soared from the anticipated 1000 to well over 5,000 people strong. Some more recent estimates nearly reach 10,000. There were…

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