The Priceless Benefits of Being a Fur-Mom

woman and dog unconditional love

They keep you company! They are always willing to share your couch or your bed. They make you Laugh They help you stay active They provide you with stress management By listening too you and being with you They are happy to see you when you come home They are always up for adventure They…

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Capturing the details in dog photography

paw in hand

Where’s the face? An empty house. No pitter patter of paws against the hardwood floor running to greet you at the door. No jumping with excitement and a slobbery kiss to melt all your worries away. No more looks from those endearing eyes. Many of us have experienced the heartache of losing our beloved pet…

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Frames for your Artwork

If you have wall space in your home, you may be considering hanging frames for your artwork. When you book a portrait session we will begin with a consultation discussing your goals for the session and where you would like to display those images in your home. Your session will be customized to creatively work…

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