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5 Tips for taking cell phone photos of your pet

As much as I believe in having professional photos of you and your pet. I know there are times you want pictures of your pet “right now” because he is doing something funny or adorable, or because you just love him SOOOO Much. Here are a few tips to pet better cell phone pictures when the spirit moves you to take them.

Hold the cell phone still!

When using cell phones, there is a tendency to pull out the phone quickly and hitting the button and being on your way. the problem is that your body is generally in motion and this causes movement in your shot. Take the time to plant your feet firmly on the ground, take a breath and then press the button. Holding the phone with two hands or bracing your phone up against a wall or object will help create a clear, in focus image. There are gadgets like tripods you could also purchase for your phone to get your best image ever.

Get down Low

Some of the best images come from being on the same plane with your subject. So for a dog, that means getting down on their level.

Face toward the light.

Nothing frustrated me more than to take a picture of my black dog only to find that I could not see his features as the light was too harsh or was behind him. If the sun is shining, it is best to for him to be facing the light. This will help enable his features to be seen. Be careful though, if the sun is too bright it can cause harsh shadows. In this case, try to find a small spot of shade (such as under a tree or a overhang)and face him toward the light.

Do not use flash

While professional photographers have learned how to utilize flash well with their subjects, the main problem with the flash on a cell phone is that it is too close to the lens. This is what can cause humans to have red eye and animals to have green florescent eyes. It is best to forego the flash and place the dog in the best light you can find.

Avoid the clutter

These images are of your dog! We want him to be the star. In order to do this it is best to avoid clutter in the background. try to avoid including a busy playground or a lot of texture behind the dog. Simple/clean backgrounds

Some additional tips for capturing great images is to know some of their favorite sounds to use just as you are about to take the shot. You may get some great expressions or head tilts. try not to overexcite the dog. Once he gets overexcited, the chances of getting a usable in focus image decreases. Spend some time with play. Your dog could care les if you get the picture or not. Reward them after a few shots with some play before you take more shots.

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