header images of hand rendered paintings

My latest work takes my photography to a whole other realm.  I have been asked by clients in the past if I could take one of their images and enhance it.  Well now I can.  I have expanded my work into the mixed-media world.  These images are hand rendered paintings from photographs.  What is hand rendered?  This means that I take a photographic image and paint  (digitally) on it with my graphic tablet.  I paint every pixel, with different brushes and tools.  This is not a software program that will take your image and twist the pixels into a uniform brushed look.  With these images you can see the different brush strokes and styles.


A donation will be made to Second Chance Canine Adoption Shelter for any image purchased of the shelter animals posted below.  


If you wish to purchase a purchase images in this collection or wish to commission a portrait   please contact or 315-469-8807 or click below.