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White and tan dog at rose garden

A Sparkling Year: reflecting on 12 months at Nancy Kieffer Photography

What a year it’s been.

Back in January it was hard to know what would develop over the next twelve months in ways of growth for my business and myself. The past 12 months have given me plenty of chances to grow, and so much to celebrate.

As the winter season begins, and our busy schedules count down to holiday celebrations, I would like to reflect on what we’ve experienced together in the past 12 months.

Here at Nancy Kieffer Photography, if I had to give the year one word, I’d probably choose goodwill.

I chose this word related to the generosity of all of you, my clients, friends of second chance and all those you encouraged to be part of my fundraising efforts throughout the year. Here are just a handful of the highlights that made this year so memorable:

Calendar Contest

Black and white bull terrier
Black and white bull terrier

With collaborative spirit of a community of pet photographers and the knowledge of fellow pet photographer Jessica Wasik @ Bark and Gold Photography I initiated our calendar contest for Second Chance Canine Adoption Shelter. Local businesses also contributed to the effort to allow the shelter to raise over $3000 for the charity. It is amazing what a small group of people can do. Friends of Second Chance Canine adoption shelter, Nancy Kieffer Photography, Dog Daze, Walking miss daisy, The Lucky Pupp, and Donna Atwood painting all contributed their efforts. Friends/families entered their dogs into the contest, then elicited votes in order to raise money for the charity. Even after the initial contest was completed, the 13 winning dogs had their winning sessions to complete the 2023 calendar, and now second chance continues to benefit from the sales of those calendars.

If you would like a calendar Head here:

Do you know what is even better: 37 pet photographers from across the world conducted their own local calendar contests which resulted in over $300,000 raised for charity. What’s more, the calendar company that we used were so enthralled with the effort, they added an additional donation.

Tails of the World

Just as the Calendar Contest was ending, I was getting started with the Tails of the world book project. Again with your efforts, we were able to raise $700 for Second chance. These 7 sessions will each have one of their session photos in the Tails of The World Volume II due out in March 2024. The book will feature pet photographers from around the world and their clients that also donated to their own local charities.

Sales of the book will benefit Second chance Animal rescue, Inc ( Australia).

Hound dog in rose garden
White and tan dog at rose garden

One last network- Podcast

At the end of 2022, I had earned my certificate as a pet loss grief specialist. As someone who lost their own dog too soon I know the challenges you face when your hear the devastating news that your pet may not be with you much longer. In order to provide my pet owners with high quality service, I felt it was important to take the next step in being an incredible service to my clients to help them immortalize their pet in a way that honors the shared bond.

Becoming part of this community of photographers came with some challenges though. In order to help spread the word about our community and service, and learn more about other services for pet owners in grief, I needed to put myself out there more than I am used to. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am not an eloquent speaker. In fact, when I was in high school I used to hang out in the bathroom before a “speech” day because I was afraid I was going to be sick and stutter or faint in front of everyone. So to do a podcast, seemed very unlikely. This is important though. Pet owners need to know that others care for them and will strive to make the grief journey less challenging. So I was on a podcast… In fact 2. The first is my interview by founder of One Last Network, Angela Schneider I then interviewed Linda Colletti of pet loss resource center in Madison Wisconsin

If you know someone that serves animals or pet parents who are facing a grief journey or are helping others through a grief journey- reach out in order that we may feature them on the podcast and blog.

While these were the main highlights, I can’t forget all the fun we had with clients in our dogs in winter series, the pop-up sessions at Crazy Daisies, My adventures in commercial pet photography and all my other wonderful clients pet and human alike for a wonderful year.

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday!

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Say hello to Rudy! This handsome pup is the senior of our crew here at Second Chance. Rudy is around 6-7 years old and loves to play. He’s a friendly and social guy who likes making new 2 and 4-legged friends! 

Please contact Friends of Second Chance.

Friends of Second Chance Canine Adoption Shelter
6660 E. Seneca Turnpike
Jamesville, NY 13078

Capture your journey with your pet. Nancy Kieffer is a pet and nature photographer serving  Central New York, the Adirondacks and Beyond.  Capture how you share your life with your pet! It may be a vacation adventure or curled up on the couch. Travel assignments welcomed.

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  1. Jessica Wasik

    Ahhh, I’m so glad you had a sparkling year with your calendar contest! $3K is going to do incredible things for the organization—and helped contribute to that $300K milestone! I can’t wait to see what 2024 brings your way…

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