Artisan Sessions are a special photo experience that not only captures the essence of your furry friends, but also spreads the love to a cause that we care about. 

Picture this: a quick 15-20 minute session, designed to be easy and breezy. These sessions are like bite-sized adventures, perfect for those who want beautiful memories without spending the whole day at a photo session.

What is the twist?  Artisan Sessions are all about GIVING BACK.  Artisan sessions are only offered in conjunction with an awesome non-profit that’s doing incredible work for our pals in need.  You either already made a donation to the charity or a chuck of your session fee goes straight to supporting their pawsome efforts.  

As a big “THANK YOU” from us, you will receive a product credit.  Yep! that’s right. not only will you be donating, but you will be provided something in return.  It’s my way of saying “Thanks for being part of something worthwhile”.    

To sum it all up, you will receive:

  • stunning photos of your furry friend
  • make a difference in the lives of other animals through your donation
  • an additional product credit toward purchase

It is double the happiness for your heart and your home.  

Are you ready to make memories that matter? Let’s capture some amazing moments together.  


About 2 weeks after our photo session, we will arrange for a chance to unveil those fetching images created at our session.  Images aren’t meant to be stuck on a hard drive or  worse yet lost on a phone that failed to get backed up.  My mission is to provide you with a heartfelt experience that transcends mere photographs and bring you art that immortalizes the deep bond you share and create a lasting visual reminder of the support and strength they provided during your times of need.  Corresponding social media art files come with artwork  purchased so you can share images with your friends/family.

The Guarantee

All the products are from professional photo labs across the country and abroad.  They are the best of the best and your satisfaction is 100% guarenteed. If you don’t love your products, I will buy them back from you. 


Hound dog in rose garden


Save $265 (25%)
  • 11 x 14 framed print
  • Full resolution art file of  framed print
  • 3 additional full resolution art files 
  • Print release for the chosen art files for the freedom to print additional images
*Corresponding social media files accompanies purchased art



golden lab and mom sit and enjoy the sunset at Sandy island beach NY


Save $2700

Wall Art & Album

  • Wall Art  framed  to 16 x 24
  • (10 x 10) Fine ART Album with acrylic cover and ALL your images
  • 4 mounted desk prints
  • ALL  Art Files of your images ready to print
  • complimentary proof box with 5×7 prints of all images
  • Receive 20% off additional product purchases

*Corresponding social media files accompanies purchased art



Save $1000

Most Popular

  • Wall art framed to 16 x 24
  • (8 x 8) fine Art album with 15 images
  • 3 mounted desk prints
  • 5 x 7 Acrylic Block
  •  Additional desk prints $65 ea.
  • Receive 10% off additional product purchases


*Corresponding social media files accompanies purchased art



Save $479

  • Wall Art framed to 11 x 14

  • 6 x 6 album with 10 images 


*corresponding social media files accompanies purchased art


  • Spend $900 and add All print ready art files $795
  • Spend $1500 and add All print ready art files $495
  • Spend $2000 and add All print ready art files $295
  • Spend $2500 and receive complimentary print ready art files of All images 
A print release is provided with chosen art files granting you the freedom to print additional images independently. 


Wall Art

What better way to celebrate your pets love than to displaying them on the wall. Returning to your home after a long day can’t help but put a smile on your face.

Offered as gallery wraps or framed prints.

*corresponding social media files accompanies purchased art

Starting at 459

Premium Albums

Premium albums are all designed to have sturdy lay flat pages in order to enable visualizing the full image from edge to edge. Choices include the standard album made of vegan leather and holds your 10 favorite images. 

Upgrade to the 20 image album, add design features, cover features, or add a display box to make this a true celebration of your best friend. 

Fine Art story book album includes all your images, a thumb drive with your digital files and a beautiful acrylic cover & display case. 

Albums available in  5 x 5, 8 x8 or 10 x 10

*corresponding social media files accompanies purchased art

Starting at 999

5 x 7 Wooden Image Box & Display Stand

5 x 7 Display can house 10 of your favorite images. They are printed on luster paper and mounted on art board. the box comes with a stand to display whichever photo you are in the mood for. Top it all off with a hidden compartment to hide little keepsakes and the box cover with another image to always keep on display.

*corresponding social media files accompanies purchased art

5 x 7 display box with 10 mounted images  979

Desk Art

Small desk prints are printed on luster photo paper and mounted to art board for stability and easy display. perfect for gifting to friends and family.  (mix & match)

Available in 5 x 7 or 8 x 10
  • set of 5 prints  $495
additional prints $75ea.
Individual images valued at $120 ea

Purchase wall Art/Album/Wooden display box for increased savings on prints

Art Files

A small matching social media art file is included with every image purchased.

Purchase Wall Art/Album/Wooden Display box for additional savings. 

A la Carte

Purchase fully edited full resolution Art files.

Personal use print release provided to print as many as you would like for your family and friends
  • 5 for 629
  • 9 for 999
  • Full gallery for 1690 (20+ images) Includes a 5 x7 proof box  with  prints
Individual art files valued at $169 ea.


Available with purchase of additional artwork

Acrylic Block

5 x 7 luster print displayed in a crystaline acrylic block. this makes a wonderful display for your desk.

5×7 (1 1/4″ )solid acrylic 275


Triple fold folio

Choice of cover material 

5 x 7 folio 275