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black dog window light syracuse ny

Capturing Your Dogs Radiance: Natural Light Photography

As a photographer, I find that I can sometimes be fascinated with the way light hits a certain item. In doing landscapes , it might be how the light hits the crystalline formations of ice, or how it penetrates through a thick clump of trees to light a path in the forest. Lights ever-changing qualities can transform a scene. Let’s explore some of the ways that I utilize light to capture images of your dog.

Sunbeams floating through the window

On a lazy Sunday morning around this time of year, the sun hits the small living room window right around the same time that Declan is getting ready for his morning snooze. I love watching Declan settle down for this snooze right in the patch of light. i love the depth of shadow versus the light adding dimension to the image. I have rare opportunities to capture this, as Declan will usually wake up as soon as I move the grab the camera.

At the shelter, Calvin was bathed with light from the front window to illuminate his precious face.

Embracing Direct sunlight

Clients can sometimes be concerned when the day is not sunny, being afraid it will negatively affect the images. Direct sunlight can actually be a challenge for photography as it can create harsh shadows. Utilizing shadows creatively can add a touch of drama or illuminate unique features or personality of your dog.

black and white dog in direct sunlight Syracuse Ny
black and white dog in direct sunlight Syracuse Ny

Subtle Indirect Light

This type of light is generally found in shaded areas, or on overcast days. This indirect light eliminates harsh shadows and evenly illuminates your dogs features, allowing their colors and textures to shine through. indirect light can add a touch of tranquility and bring out the soulful qualities in your dog’s eyes.

Golden Light

This is the magical light that is shortly after sunrise or just before sunset. This is an exquisite light for dog photography. The sun will bathe the whole surroundings with a warm glow. The low angle of the sun creates long, soft shadows adding depth and dimension. Using the golden light as a backdrop to your dog creates a golden background for your pup. Utilizing the direct glow of the sun, bathes the dog in a golden hue.

Sunlight is an incredible tool that can be utilized in different ways to creatively capture images of your dog. Whether it is from window light, direct light, indirect light of golden light, each lighting condition can create charming images.

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Boston James!

Boston James is 2 years old and this special guy is very smart, eager to please and loves to play with toys. He is looking for a home that can give him the daily exercise he needs, and then won’t mind when he cuddles on the couch with you at night. A cat free home without small kids is best for Boston James. 

Please contact Friends of Second Chance.

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