Some Misconceptions about Dog Breeds


Some dogs must deal with a “ruff” reputation based entirely on what breed they are – or just look like.  Bull terriers, rottweilers, and Dobermans are a few can get called out as aggressive, dangerous or problematic based entirely on their looks, before they ever show signs of a snarl.

This can cause these dogs to be surrendered more often, hinder them from getting adopted quickly and limit opportunities for socialization related to other pet parents not wanting to be near them.

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Changing A pets Life! Highlights from last weeks adoption event

January 24th is change a pets life day. This is a day which highlights adoption centers and shelters in order to promote adoption.  Last weekend Second Chance canine Adoption Shelter hosted an event to do just that.  We had a wonderful time having people come in to see the dogs that are available at Second Chance as well as some from B & R Bunkhouse which is the shelter where dogs found in the city of Syracuse are brought.   Here are some of the dogs the public got to visit with this past Saturday. 

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Get Ready for Winter Dog Portraits

Black dog in snow

It’s hard to believe that it is the middle of January and we have barely had any snow. Sure we had a deep freeze right at Christmas. Buffalo had deadly winds and snow, but by the time it hit Syracuse, it was mostly just the wind and cold.

We are due for some snow. When it comes, I will be ready with baited breath to take some winter dog portraits. Since there is no telling when we will have snow, I have decided to implement an “ON CALL” list for some Winter snow photos.

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The New Year brings a new certification

dog nestled in owners arms

I am happy to announce that I have completed my Pet loss Grief Specialist Certification. I am confidant this new certification and continued studies will help support my clients by allowing them the space to listen and share stories of their pet. In offering clients a place in which their grief is accepted and in story sharing, they can feel the connection with their pet even after they are gone.

Through continued education provided in One last network, we will continue to learn more about grief support as Angela continues to learn and share with us.

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Christmas Movies to watch with Your Dog on a cold winter’s night

black dog, christmas, popcorn

The weather outside promises to be frightful this weekend with a sudden drop from 50 degrees to a cold 9 degrees on Friday with high winds. We have a promise of at least a little snow to take us to Christmas.  When you’re not sharing some Holiday cheer with friends and family, I can’t think of a better way to get warm and cozy than to snuggle up with the dog and watch some Holiday Christmas Dog movies with your best friend. 

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Three tips for enjoying a snow day photo session with your dog

Photo sessions in the fall are really popular with the colorful leaves. Photo sessions tend to slow down after this season though with the coming cold and snow in winter. I find winter snow sessions magical though. When we are greeted with a blanket of fresh fallen snow, the images can be magical. Hanging out in the snow and cold though can make you irritable if you are not prepared.

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Ways to help kids Understand Dog Communication

Teaching kids how to communicate with dogs is VITAL. Understanding animal-talk requires teaching. Dogs make all sorts of different sounds in different situations: growls, barks, yelps. And their body language says a lot, too. It’s difficult for young kids to understand exactly what their dog is “telling” them. I have seen young children grab a…

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4 tips to capturing images of your “Wild Child” at your Pet Photography Session

brown and black dog

My last 2 dogs, after some training, were pretty well behaved when I asked them to sit and stay. Then I brought Declan home! He is my ‘wild child’. He will sit and stay, until such time as he sees something more interesting. Then he is off to the races. And boy can he run. I definitely understand the frustration and anxiety a person may have when their dog is not listening to them.

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Dogs in Service to Others

golden retriever

When I started thinking about it, there are a number of different service dogs. Guide dogs is the specific name for dogs used to guide individuals with an impairment in their vision. Service dogs are any dogs that do a service for a human with a disability. They may be hearing service animals, wheelchair assist animals, seizure alert animals or even PTSD dogs.

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