Bridge and residence

This weeks challenge is too use some sort of architectural element in our images.  I immediately thought about Franklin Square.  Franklin Square was initially an industrial neighborhood.  As industries moved out, but eventually someone had the great idea to turn the area into a combination of residential and commercial spaces.  Buildings were renovated and turned…

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This weeks topic is doorways.  I was recently at Oakwood Cemetery with Declan for my blog about a local landmark.  This is the large doorway that leads into the Mortuary Chapel.  Declan appears miniature in relation to this huge arch.   This next image is not actually a doorway, but Declan is posed in front…

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oakwood cemetary

This week I took Declan to a local landmark.  Oakwood Cemetery is a Historic Cemetery built in 1859. New York City landscaper Howard Daniels transformed this 160 acres of land that included hills, valleys with springs and sturdy oaks into what was considered the picturesque ideal of landscape designs of that time.   Mortuary Chapel…

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Windows and Doors

One of my local photography clubs has monthly friendly competition events.  This month we are focusing on windows and doors.   Yesterday, a group of us went out to Lorenzo State Historic site which provided plenty of opportunities to find interesting windows and doors.  It was worth the below zero temperature to get these and…

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