Golden Hour

rescue dog, golden hour

My favorite time to take images is on the fringes of the day,  early morning just before sunrise through the rise of the golden sun spreading warm tones across the landscape.  We again get those golden tones as the sun lowers again at the end of the day.    I recently went to the beach…

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rescue dog

I love Spring when the tulips and daffadils are topping and the cherry blossoms are in bloom.  I planned to take my dog to this location in order to get some pictures.  Unfortunately, my week became filled with other things that needed to get done.  This is a composite with Rita, one of the rescue…

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Skaneateles Sunset

We had some beautiful weather today.  It wasn’t as hot as it had been and it was a nice night to go for a walk.  We had some clouds in the sky and I had the feeling it would be a great night for a sunset. I decided to travel to Skaneateles to view the…

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