Sometimes rescue animals are very distrusting of that big black box (camera) that you are holding to your face. One of the ways that I get them more relaxed is to play with them.   Once they are in motion running after a ball or toy  they can sometimes become oblivious to the camera. Here are…

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low key dog image

Shadows seemed to be a perfect subject this week.  I have some equipment for off camera lighting that I was wishing to try out.  I had an image in my mind which I wanted to try with Declan.  That image would have had Declan looking straight at me with half of his face in shadow…

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Head Tilt

dog ready for play

The head tilt of a dog is an adorable feature we humans seem to melt with.  In the case of a puppy, it doesn’t matter what kind of trouble he got himself into, one tilt of the head and a smile is brought to our face and all is forgiven.   Some speculation includes: Tilting their…

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By A Nose

checking out each other

Whether they are happy to see you or stand guard in warning of danger, dogs use their noses to determine if something is to be feared or trusted.  Have you ever wondered why dogs go nose to nose with other dogs, or nose to butt?  Or why their noses are cold and wet?  It turns…

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A Headshot is an image that focuses on the head or head and shoulders of the subject.  Meet my models for this week.  They are all available at Second Chance Canine Adoption Shelter.  Come in and visit these beauties.   Buddy is a Labrador- Pit bull mix and is a sweet dog.  He is about one…

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Leading Lines

walk, leading lines, bridge

Leading lines are a way you can draw the viewer into or through your image.  Leading lines can be found naturally, such as roads, fences, bridges, the line of a cliff or the shoreline. Utilizing a leading line can also create depth to your image as the road vanishes in the distance, or a bridge…

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A Day in the Life

reactive dog

A day in the Life of Declan! Declan is my current dog.  He is a lab-hound mix and a rescue.  He is my “Wild Child”.  He wakes up early- about 5:15 and loves to run around the yard either chasing squirrels or ‘defending’ the yard from the next door neighbors puppy by running up and…

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Revisit & Re-edit

The challenge this week was to revisit some of the pictures we took in the past and re-edit them now to see how our style and expertise has changed.  Hopefully our edits have shown how we have grown as photographers.  Photography does not end with the click of the camera.  The process continues in the…

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Wide Angle

When taking images, you sometimes need to determine the best lens for the situation.  If you have a wide landscape and you wish to capture everything in the scene, it would be best to use a wide angle lens.  The first image here was of someone I photographed last summer.  She was playing fetch with…

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Depth of Field with Nora

This adorable white boxer/pit bull terrier mix named Nora is helping me demonstrate Depth of Field.  Nora is about 3 years old and looking for a family that will spoil her with belly rubs and back scratches as well as long walks and playing ball. I took Nora for a walk this past weekend with…

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