Choosing a Pet Portrait Location

When you inquire about a photo session, one of the questions that I will be asking is where you want to have the session. In Syracuse, we are lucky to have a number of parks and urban areas to have your session depending on your needs. But before we get to my list, I want to find out more about your pet. If your pup accompanies you everywhere you may decide to choose from my list of suggestions. This portrait session is designed for you and your pet and how you live and want to enjoy each other and the memories of your time together. So consider these things first.

Your Special Place

Do you and your dog have a special place you go all the time and like to hang out? Do you watch the sun rise over the lake in the morning or play catch in a local park? Do you stroll down the Erie Canal or have a favorite bench where you sit to have ice cream? Maybe your favorite place is right at home snuggled by the fire? When booking, your photo session, we will discuss these things and how best the session can work for you and your dog. If your dog is in a comfortable, familiar place, he (and you) will be more relaxed during the session.

Cooper in wall portrait
Cooper in wall portrait


Once you consider special places, we then need to discuss safety. Is it an enclosed space and if not, is it free of distractions? Are there optimal times to be at that location? In open locations, we will discuss the best collars and leads to use to keep your pet safe.

Mia the dog in the woods
Mia in woods


We will talk about how/where you wish to display your images. You may wish to have a very different look/feel if you are putting artwork on the wall versus ordering an album or photo box. What location will give you the style you want to show off in your home?

Wall display 3 images
Wall display 3 images

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Terri from Terri J Photography shares how she selects locations for dog photography sessions in Toronto.

Come and find your Best Friend!
Second Chance has a unique program near Syracuse N.Y. where inmates train the rescued dogs. This program gives both the dogs and the inmates a second chance in life.  Appointments currently required related to Covid-19 protocols.

Aspen Thanks everyone who came out to support him and the other shelter dogs at Par for Pup’s

Please contact Friends of Second Chance to adopt Aspen or his friends.

Friends of Second Chance Canine Adoption Shelter
6660 E. Seneca Turnpike
Jamesville, NY 13078

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Lessons from a Senior Dog

Nancy Kieffer

Working as a pet photographer as well as volunteering in a rescue, I have been blessed with getting to know a number of senior dogs. While I lost my Midnight at a young age, I was very fortunate to have Shamus with me for many years. Shamus was my clown, but boy did he know how to live! His wisdom grew as the years pressed on. I learned that each day spent with my senior dog was a lesson on the importance of living in the present, cherishing our bond and embracing our everlasting friendship.