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Winter snow dog

Get Ready for Winter Dog Portraits

It's hard to believe that it is the middle of January and we have barely had any snow. Sure we had a deep freeze right at Christmas. Buffalo had deadly winds and snow, but by the time it hit Syracuse, it was mostly just the wind and cold. We are due for some snow. When it comes, I will be ready with baited breath to take some winter dog portraits. Since there is no telling when we will have snow, I have decided to implement an "ON CALL" list for some Winter snow photos.

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Three tips for enjoying a snow day photo session with your dog

Photo sessions in the fall are really popular with the colorful leaves. Photo sessions tend to slow down after this season though with the coming cold and snow in winter. I find winter snow sessions magical though. When we are greeted with a blanket of fresh fallen snow, the images can be magical. Hanging out in the snow and cold though can make you irritable if you are not prepared.

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letchworth pop-up waterfall

Letchworth- Great Bend

 I grew up near Letchworth and have been wanting to get back for a visit.  The forecast promised thunder storms around dawn with subsequent clearing just afterwards, but did indicate chances for occasional showers afterwards.  My thoughts immediately went to the Great Bend in Letchworth and that this was perfect conditions for fog to form in the deep gorge.   The Great Bend  area of Letchworth is where the the Genesee River takes a U-shaped turn and you can see a great expanse of the gorge.  This view really gives you a sense of why Letchworth is often called the Grand Canyon of the East.

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