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Dog Portraits- Let’s take a Walk in the Park

I will often receive an inquiry from clients who want portraits of their dog at the local park, but are hesitant. When this happens, I’ll let them know, it is just like taking a walk in the park. I know some of the concerns these owners have and you may as well, so let me address some.

My dog is hyper or untrained!

I can promise you that I have successfully photographed hyper, untrained dogs ALL the time. i get a lot of practice with that when working with the dog rescue. I guarantee that we’ll be able to capture images that you will love or I will refund your reservation fee.

Whats the Secret?

The Consultation:

When you call for the session, we will either have a phone consultation or schedule over zoom. This is when I will find out more about your best buddy. Does he love to run, play catch, is he hyper, or food motivated? I will also find out what your goals are for the photo session. Is there a special look your Dog gives, or a habit, that you wish to keep memories of forever? Are looking to have images with colors that coordinate with certain walls in your home? This will help target what we need in the portrait session to minimize stressing you or your dog while we are at the park.

The leash

Most of the dogs you see on my website were wearing leashes during their photo session. Utilizing a leash helps tremendously with untrained or hyper dogs. I will give you some instructions at the start of our session to give you some tips on how to hold the leash in order to minimize the editing. Once you choose the images you wish to purchase, the leash can generally be removed to complete your artwork.

I can even use a special long line to safely create action shots of your dog. Your dogs safety is the most important thing and I would prefer to take some extra time with editing, than to put your best friend at any risk.

Then we take a walk in the park!

With the details on what we want to accomplish and knowing how to hold the leash, the rest will just be a walk in the park. Actually this is what you are here for, to spend some quality time with your best friend, so go ahead and enjoy these precious moments.

During our walk we may see some tall grasses to head toward or there may be a vibrant wall or structure that will give us some background interest. When I spot a section to stop at, we will take a few images and then give your dog a break. He doesn’t have to be in posing mode the whole time. Many times, it’s during the in-between times, that i will find the most scrumptious unscripted moments that will live on forever.

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Meet Kanga!

Meet one of the happiest girls around! Kanga is around 1.5 years old and she loves being out and about meeting new people! She is always smiling, rides well in the car, enjoys playing with other dogs, and loves a good belly rub! This sweet girl is looking for a home without cats, and no small kids. She would love a family that likes to go on adventures.

Please contact Friends of Second Chance.

Friends of Second Chance Canine Adoption Shelter
6660 E. Seneca Turnpike
Jamesville, NY 13078

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