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black dog with magnolia tree Syracuse NY

Finding Texture and color in your urban pet photo session

Are you an urban dweller, but aren’t sure you can get some amazing images of your fur-baby in an urban setting? I can assure you that you can get some stunning shots of you pup in the city.

The urban landscape can be a beautiful backdrop for your dog’s photo session. There are plenty of colors and textures that are present in the city. Concrete walls and busy streets can make for interesting backgrounds, but there are also lush gardens or brightly colored murals that can add some variety to your photos.


The colors and textures of Syracuse will create a unique and eye-catching backdrop for your furry friend. Franklin Square is alive with color right now. From the opening of the Magnolia trees a few weeks ago to the the cherry blossoms, then the crab apple trees. the colors have been amazing and ever-changing. Currently the floral gardens are alive with color(more on those next week). Colorful street art that adorns many buildings can also provide a unique background. The muted tones like the gray of concrete walls or the weathered brick of an old building can also provide a beautiful contrast to your pup’s fur.

rotweiller and art wall
Josie with urban art


Textures can be just as important as colors when it comes to creating an interesting backdrop for your dog’s photo session. The rough surface of a stone wall or the smooth surface of a metal fence can create a striking contrast against your dog’s fur. There could be other interesting textures we could use in the surrounding environment, like the rippled surface of a puddle or the woven pattern of a chain-link fence.

The key to a successful photo session for your pup in the urban landscape is to have fun with your fur-baby while your photographer leads you on a city exploration. The real key is to let your pup’s unique personality shine through. Are you ready to explore the city with your fur-baby?

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