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Heartwarming Journeys of Resilient Pibbles

Throughout my journey as a pet photographer, I can’t begin to describe the heart-melting sight of those adoring eyes looking up at me.  They are full of longing for love and a forever home. Sadly, these eyes are a common sight at Second Chance Canine Adoption Shelter. While we welcome dogs of various breeds, it is the pitbulls that often steal our hearts, and paradoxically , take the longest to find their forever homes. I would like to showcase a few pitbulls that I have had the pleasure to photograph and share some of their stories.

The Beauty Beyond the Stereotypes

Pit Bulls are a breed that stands out, not just for their unique physical beauty, but also for the undeserved condemnation and mistrust that they face. Despite their appearance, they are often misunderstood as aggressive, a reputation that couldn’t be further from the truth. The dogs I’ve encountered in our shelter display an unwavering capacity for love, loyalty, and resilience, ready to transform the lives of those who open their hearts.


Lola was very fortunate little girl when her mom found her another dog in a Georgia shelter. Her mom said she was the only dog not barking and looked hopeless. She immediately fell in love with her. She had her transported to NY and with love and patience she gained 45 pounds and confidence . She now plays with her brother Jax, likes to chase squirrels and loves milkbones. She demands attention from mom & cuddles any chance she gets. She has come a long way from being the depressed, scared skinny dog. She has mended her mom’s heart after losing another dog.


Sadie is and American Bully and was found alone out in a rain storm. The people who found her contacted Second chance to help her find a new home. She is sweet, kind and loving and stole her families hearts. Her favorite pastime is playing with her best pit bull buddy Ralph (another rescue)


Boots is a foster fail. Boots was found on the streets of Syracuse and went to the city shelter. Boots was officially adopted in December after Second Chance found the perfect foster parents. Nothing is known about her street life, but she is very much loved and cared for now. She is a character who keeps her family entertained and loves to play!


Sweet Daisy was a lucky dog. She managed to come into the shelter in December and immediately found her forever home. Daisy is a sweet girl and a little mischievous at times but she loves her people. She loves hanging out with her 4 legged sister Luna. Daisy loves to snuggle and stay warm on her heated blanket!

Finding their forever homes

Pit Bulls often face longer stays in shelters due to misconceptions and prejudices. These stories are about hope, transformation, and the joy of finding forever homes. Your pet photography helps capture the essence of these dogs, their personalities, and their readiness to be loving companions. I hope these stories exemplify the beauty and love that pit bulls are ready to give. they have a strength behind them that emerged from living through adversity. By sharing these stories, I hope readers will look beyond the myths and find a way to make room for a deserving pup waiting for their forever home.

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Tasha is around 3-4 years old and was found a stray in the city. She is deaf and working on learning hand signals. She is crate trained, house broken, loves to play and cuddle. She is looking for an active home with older kids. She rides well in the car and seems to like to other dogs, A meet and greet is required with any other dogs in the home.

Please contact Friends of Second Chance.

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  1. Elaine

    I loved reading through these adoption success stories, which proved once again to me just how resilient pit bulls can be. Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing Tasha. I hope she has a great success story awaiting her!

  2. Kelly

    What an inspiring blog post and such beautiful bullies! Pitties are one of my favorite “breeds” and I love how expressive these dogs are. It’s wonderful that you are helping the rescue get them adopted with such gorgeous photos!

  3. Kim Hollis

    I love reading all of these pitbull adoption success stories. Pit bulls are resilient dogs and because we just adopted a younger one, I need to find some resilient toys for him. LOL!

  4. Angela

    These are wonderful stories about pit bulls finding adoption success. It is so fulfilling to work with these shelter dogs and help find them homes.

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