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Color portrait backdrop for black lab

How-To Add a Punch of Color to Your Pet Portraits

Utilize the environment

Spring is here and all things are new again. Plants are pushing through the ground and the flowering trees are coming into bloom. I love to go around town and see all the colors coming in. What a great time of year to have some added color to your photos. One way to add color to your pet portrait is to take an image of your pet directly in front of the tree. This keeps the tree in focus, showing off the shape and color of the flowers, but adds a little color to the image.

Another way to do this is to set your dog farther away from the tree or bush and then take a picture with a very shallow depth of field. You don’t see the shape of the flowers, but the out of focus color provides a beautiful colorful backdrop for your dog. The blurriness of the background could also hide distracting elements (like a porch) in what would otherwise be a very boring backyard shot.

Black lab with yellow forsythia backdrop
Color portrait backdrop for black lab

Choose a bright Background

Other ways to add color to your image would be by using a colorful wall to shoot your subject against, or using a digital backdrop after you have taken the image.

Bedazzle your subject

Finally, you could “bedazzle your subjects with flowers, ribbons, clothes or sunglasses to add a touch of color and whimsy to your image. These elements may help you also tell the story that you want to tell your followers.

Louie the dog all dressed up for winter
Louie the dog all dressed up for winter

Have fun looking for color to add your photos.

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Speaking about using color, Hazel and Winnie were excited to go for a walk with their foster mom in their red doggie stroller. They would prefer to have a home they can call their own though.

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