Artist Statement




I am a Central New York Photographer with a love for nature, children and animals.  My mother was the designated keeper of the family photos.  I enjoyed digging through the boxes of sepia toned photos of ancestors imagining their lives and their relationships with each other.  My first camera was the most precious gift to me and I have since chronicled my family’s life.  My camera is rarely far away, in order that I can capture those special moments that happen.


Nature is what soothes my soul and refreshes my brain. God’s grace and wonder embrace me as I hike in the woods listening to the sounds of the animals or to the brook rushing over the rocks.  As I sit on top of a mountain and breath in the sweet fresh air and look out over the expanse of land before me, I rejoice in what the Good Lord has given and become impassioned about doing what I can to save the environment and to spark others to do the same.


During high school and college I explored my photography with some elective courses.  The details Ansel Adams was able to portray through his black and white images helped bolster my love for the environment and for photography itself.


Children and animals can simultaneously melt and soothe my heart.  A look of love from an animal or child can still your heart.  In a time of sadness, they will be the first ones to give you a hug or a wag of tail and wiggle on your lap in a show of understanding and solidarity.


Connections are what I wish to evoke in my images. Connections with the environment, animals and family.  I want you to feel you are part of the scene and hopefully invoke a connection to the environment that spurs action.  Finding the characteristic of an animal that will spark a connection to an adoptive family is what I hope for when working with rescue animals.  Lifestyle photos of unscripted moments, documenting the connections between family members are the images that my clients will  seek for their walls and albums.


I have been blessed with winning some competitions in my local camera club (Syracuse Camera Club) as well as the Seneca Art’s Council.  I was featured in an article in 55 Plus (issue54). My work can be found in Artworks in Seneca Falls as well as on my website


If you would like to explore how we can achieve some awesome photographs that express the connection between yourself and your family member( human or animal), please Email me @ OR Call 315-469-8807


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