Artist Statement



I am a Central New York Photographer that feels connected to landscapes, animals, and children.


Nature is what soothes my soul and refreshes my brain. God’s grace and wonder embrace me as I hike in the woods listening to the sounds of the animals or to the brook rushing over the rocks.  I sit on top of a mountain and breath in the sweet fresh air and look out over the expanse of land before me overwhelmed by the magnitude and beauty before me.  Prior to taking photography lessons in High School, I would looks at photographs from talented artists such as Ansel Adams and would feel an immediate emotional connection to the environment.  That connection led me to want to protect and nurture the environment we live in.


My first dog was my confidant, my best friend.  When I was with him, I felt as if I was in a safe haven.  In a time of sadness, he would read my mind and give a quiet cuddle or look of compassion that would soothe my soul.  His playful spirit  at other times would invigorate me.  In many ways, I feel animals and children have many of the same qualities.  They are all accepting and ready to love.  I love to watch children as they see a loved one or seek the safe-haven of their parents in a time of woe.


Connections are the thread that binds these.  Through my images, I hope that you feel connected to the landscapes, the animals and the children/families my images portray.  I love to show the connection between individuals and pets where I can, but i like to portray an individuals personality and soul as well.   With rescue animals I hope to capture the true beauty and personality  of the dog to spark action from potential adopters.  I  combine a mix of lifestyle photos which portray those wonderful unscripted moments that best document the family connections with portraits that showcase the soul of the subject.


My work can be found in Artworks in Seneca Falls as well as on my website


If you would like to capture the connections in your family ( animal and human) please Email me at OR Call 315-469-8807

If you feel a connection to one of my landscape images, please visit the gallery section or contact me as above.