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letchworth pop-up waterfall

Letchworth- Great Bend

Most of my friends were wishing and hoping it wouldn’t rain on Saturday so that it wouldn’t ruin their plans for outdoors.  I was hoping the  forecast was correct as I thought it would be perfect conditions for a trip to Letchworth.  I grew up near Letchworth and have been wanting to get back for a visit.  The forecast promised thunder storms around dawn with subsequent clearing just afterwards, but did indicate chances for occasional showers afterwards.  My thoughts immediately went to the Great Bend in Letchworth and that this was perfect conditions for fog to form in the deep gorge.   The Great Bend  area of Letchworth is where the the Genesee River takes a U-shaped turn and you can see a great expanse of the gorge.  This view really gives you a sense of why Letchworth is often called the Grand Canyon of the East.  I was not to be disappointed.  The gorge was filled with fog, but at times, you could capture glimpses of the sky trying to clear. The fog itself is fascinating how it forms and moves and and begins to dissipate only to become thick again. I could stay in one spot and get completely different images in just a matter of a few minutes.