I went to the Lorenzo Driving Competition to see a couple of horses that were adopted from Sunshine Horses. The majesty of the Horses is always thrilling, but the whole event sent you back to yester-year when the main mode of transportation was utilizing horses and carriages. I was caught up with the whole event, but really enjoyed the one event that utilized the carriage dogs. I don’t know all the elements that determined the final winner, but know that “staying in the carriage” is one of the criteria. All the dogs stayed nice and calmly in the carriages, but Jack, the American Bull Dog, with his top hat steady perch managed to take top prize along with his Steed “Maybe” and owner Kelly. 20150718_Lorenzo Driving_029

20150718_Lorenzo Driving_021

20150718_Lorenzo Driving_019

20150718_Lorenzo Driving_014

20150718_Lorenzo Driving_012-2