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I took my first picture of Rogan back in January 2018.  This Beautiful dog came to Second Chance  Canine Adoption Shelter for a new chance at life.

This guy was smart and adorable and I thought he would find a home shortly.  It soon became clear though, that finding a home for Rogan would be a challenge.  When dogs come to Second Chance, we rarely know their backstory.  We soon found that Rogan did not trust children, was not fond of cats and was very selective with dogs and humans. Rogan would get anxious when we were open to the public and therefore did not present very well to prospective adopters.

Luckily this lovable goofy boy had lots of volunteers and staff that loved him and would spend some extra time with him.  He loved to play with his big ball and take long hikes with his favorite volunteers.

Two years is too long for a dog to be in a shelter despite the love he receives.  We were blessed to have found Rogan’s forever home.  He has been there a couple weeks now and I hear he is doing well.  To celebrate his finding his new family, I chose Rogan to introduce some new art that I have been practicing over the last few months.

This is a hand rendered mixed media painting based on an image I had taken of Rogan.  With the photographic image as a guide, I digitally painted each stroke.  I am enjoying this new practice and hope to be showing you more in the future.

Have a Happy life Rogan!.  I will miss you, but am glad you are home!