Service Animal Of the Month

Celebrating Our Horses and Dogs who work for us each month

Unsung Heroes

This year, I would love to celebrate the unsung Heroes who serve us.  These remarkable horses and dogs dedicate their lives to serving and supporting humans. these incredible animals selflessly contribute to the well being of individuals with special needs, providing companionship, assistance and a source of unwavering comfort. 

I understand the extraordinary bond between service animals and their owners.  Just imagine the service they can provide- Safe navigation to those who can’t see, alerting owners/caretakers of medical issues that are lifesaving, aiding in searches, for drugs, explosives, and people, aiding with mental and physical challenges.  

To express our appreciation, Nancy Kieffer Photography will have a monthly giveaway to honor and showcase the exceptional qualities of these four-legged heroes.  The goal is not only to capture the uniques beauty and character of each service animal but also to give back to the dedicated individuals who care for and love them.  

Each month, we will shine a spotlight on a different service animal, celebrating their contributions and highlighting the incredible stories that make them true champions.  

The lucky winner will receive a complimentary session with Nancy Kieffer Photography to immortalize the bond between the service animal and their human companion. Additionally, the winner will receive an 11 x 14 mounted print and $300 photo credit to use towards acquiring precious memories in stunning Art Work.  

Join me in recognizing and honoring the extraordinary service animals that make a positive impact on the lives of those they serve. Together, let’s capture the essence of their dedication and express our heartfelt gratitude through the lens of Nancy Kieffer Photography.

Horse and owner


Seeing Eye Dogs/ Guide Horses

  • Independence and mobility enable individuals to navigate their surroundings confidently
  • Enhanced safety guide their owners through their various environments like crowded streets and around obstacles by alerting their handlers to potential dangers
  • Improved quality of Life the assistance of these animals significantly improve quality of life for individuals with visual impairments. It enables them to lead active, fulfilling and engaged lives
  • Versatility While most people are familiar with seeing eye dogs, guide horses offer an alternative to those who prefer or benefit from equine assistance. 

Winner receives:

  • Customized Planning session via phone/zoom
  • 1-2 hour Photo session with Nancy Kieffer Photography (within 30 miles of Syracuse NY)
  • Image review session either in home or via zoom.
  • 11 x 14 matted print
  • $300 product credit 


Entries accepted Jan 5-18th.  Winner will be announced Jan 20th.  Winner  will receive a custom photography experience within 30 miles of Syracuse NY. session to be completed by the end of February 2024.

Must be 18  to enter.

Must be willing to sign a model release

No purchase necessary.

I know all our unsung heroes are not just Dogs and Horses.  If you feel your pet fits a Service category- feel free to enter.  

Service Animal Trainers are also welcome to Apply. Please check the appropriate Box.

Winners and runners up will be contacted via email provided on their application. 

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Thor- rescue dog

Your Service Animal does not fit this category?

Keep an eye out for future service Animals of the month.  

Upcoming Months include:

Mobility Assistance Animals

Military Working Animals

…And More

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