Why Early Morning or Late Afternoon Photo Sessions Shine

When I talk about my photography with others we may get into a conversation about light. On a bright sunny mid-morning, the conversation might go, “Oh, look how sunny it is right now, you must love this light”. To which I have to answer bright sunny days are not my favorite. The sun which is high overhead at midday can create harsh shadows on my subject making it hard to come up with a pleasing portrait. My favorite time of day for photography sessions are about 2 hours near sunrise and 2 hours near sunset. I would much rather shoot sessions at the bookends of the day.

Advantages of both Sunrise and sunset sessions

  • Shooting toward the sun can create a dramatic effect by either creating a silhoutte against the sun or using off camera flash to light your subjects against the dramatic sky
  • Shooting with the sun at your back- will illuminate your subjects with even golden light which will make them shine.

Sunrise photo sessions

Asseteague island horses
Dawn Arising


  • get up before the dawn and watch the stars fade and the golden light fill the sky
  • little traffic
  • fewer people at your chosen spot
  • Beat the heat of the day


  • You (and your subjects) need to wake up and get out of the house well before dawn in order to capture the stars and the early blue hour.
  • Sunrise seems to happen fast and within an hour or so, the sun is is starting to get too high in the sky and starts to create those shadows.

Sunset photo Session

Dog and sunset at stone quarry art Park
sunset at stone quarry art Park


  • If there are clouds in the sky, the sun starts to create colorful clouds before the actual sunset.
  • There is time for the photographer and subject to get to know each other and “warm- up” to posing
  • The lighting seems to last longer. It starts with the colorful clouds, then the golden, low diffused light, then the blue sky, then the stars (or if you are in the city- you have the city lights)
  • you don’t have to wake up early


  • More traffic to get to your venue
  • More traffic at your venue.
owner and pet in late afternoon
forever loved

You may feel from the list, that i like the sunset over the sunrise photo session. Although I love both sessions, I think I actually prefer the sunrise. This is because the light traffic/people on the streets or in the venue is a huge advantage.

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