Brown is actually one of my favorite colors. I know what your thinking, brown isnt that colorful! When I see brown, I see nature! I see the sandy beach or desert, the ivory of an elephants tusk to the rich color of chestnuts. The shades could contain more yellow like a sesame seed or more…

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Wide Open

rescue dog

This weeks challenge was to shoot wide-open.  Wide-open refers to the widest aperture that your lens allows.  Depending on the lens you use,  this could vary greatly.  I have one fixed lens that I can shoot at an f- stop as low as 1.4.  On another lens it only goes down to 3.5 or 4.0…

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Head Tilt

dog ready for play

The head tilt of a dog is an adorable feature we humans seem to melt with.  In the case of a puppy, it doesn’t matter what kind of trouble he got himself into, one tilt of the head and a smile is brought to our face and all is forgiven.   Some speculation includes: Tilting their…

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I am a little late this week.  I missed my deadline to run my “colorful” blog as part of the blog circle of various international pet photographers.  I was a little bit bummed that I was too busy  to be part of the blog circle,  but was even more disappointed that I was missing out…

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This weeks challenge is using patterns.  For a moment I was pondering what I should do, then I realized I was already working on a pattern.   The benefit for Second Chance Canine Adoption Shelter is coming up next Friday and is sure to be a wonderful event to aid the animals.  The volunteer’s have been…

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A Headshot is an image that focuses on the head or head and shoulders of the subject.  Meet my models for this week.  They are all available at Second Chance Canine Adoption Shelter.  Come in and visit these beauties.   Buddy is a Labrador- Pit bull mix and is a sweet dog.  He is about one…

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Leading Lines

walk, leading lines, bridge

Leading lines are a way you can draw the viewer into or through your image.  Leading lines can be found naturally, such as roads, fences, bridges, the line of a cliff or the shoreline. Utilizing a leading line can also create depth to your image as the road vanishes in the distance, or a bridge…

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Favorite Song

The challenge this week was to have our blog feature pictures that represent our favorite song. My taste in music ranges far and wide, so it was hard to come up with a favorite song.  I decided to choose “I knew I loved you” by Savage Garden.  I think the words fit perfectly with how animal…

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Urban Visitor

A friend called the other day and indicated that Syracuse had some Urban Visitors.  Three snowy owls were spotted close to home.  We took a trek out to the site and with a little perseverance and a little luck, came upon one of the owls.  My friend allowed me to borrow his 600mm lens in…

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