Your Dog is the Center of Attention

He is the first thing you see in the morning. He may be bounding out of bed ahead of you and then eagerly bouncing from bed to floor, to the door as if to say, come on- it's a great day, I am ready to go. That eager carefree spirit helps drag you out of bed because you don't want to disappoint him by rolling over and going to sleep again. He is probably the first one in the house that gets fed. After all he deserves it. He is always there for you to comfort you, encourage you and bolsters your self-esteem. I know my days are often designed around when I can spend time with him. Who is he? Your dog of course. I can't think of a better way to celebrate his love than to make hime the center of attention in a photo session. This isn't just any session. It is a session that will be designed around the way you live and celebrate your dog everyday. It is a session in which not only will we capture images of your dog, we will capture images of the two of you together. We will capture your bond through the things you love to do together.

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