When I first saw the subject for this week, I was thinking of going a totally different direction with the subject.  We had a photoshoot at the shelter this weekend however where the dogs get dressed up in their Halloween costumes.  Once I took this … Continue readingIsolation

Natural Light

I enjoy using natural light for my photographs.  It enables you to be more spontaneous with your photographs and not worry about lugging around a lot of heavy equipment. With natural light you could let the light fall directly on the subject, so that they … Continue readingNatural Light

Happy Dog

Meet this Happy Boy Rogan. Rogan is a 2 year old male Pit Bull Terrier and American Bull Dog Mix.  He is such a sweet boy and very smart as well.  While he has been at the kennel, he has learned to sit, shake, down, … Continue readingHappy Dog


Brown is actually one of my favorite colors. I know what your thinking, brown isnt that colorful! When I see brown, I see nature! I see the sandy beach or desert, the ivory of an elephants tusk to the rich color of chestnuts. The shades … Continue readingBrown

Golden Hour

My favorite time to take images is on the fringes of the day,  early morning just before sunrise through the rise of the golden sun spreading warm tones across the landscape.  We again get those golden tones as the sun lowers again at the end … Continue readingGolden Hour


This weeks topic is doorways.  I was recently at Oakwood Cemetery with Declan for my blog about a local landmark.  This is the large doorway that leads into the Mortuary Chapel.  Declan appears miniature in relation to this huge arch.   This next image is … Continue readingDoorways


I love Spring when the tulips and daffadils are topping and the cherry blossoms are in bloom.  I planned to take my dog to this location in order to get some pictures.  Unfortunately, my week became filled with other things that needed to get done.  … Continue readingCityscape


  This weeks blog is about humor.  I find humor in everyday situations or looks.  My first image is of my old dog Shamus.  He had developed difficulty with his legs/hips and had a tendency to drag his feet.  In order to protect the feet, … Continue readingHumor


A Headshot is an image that focuses on the head or head and shoulders of the subject.  Meet my models for this week.  They are all available at Second Chance Canine Adoption Shelter.  Come in and visit these beauties.   Buddy is a Labrador- Pit bull … Continue readingHeadshots

Leading Lines

Leading lines are a way you can draw the viewer into or through your image.  Leading lines can be found naturally, such as roads, fences, bridges, the line of a cliff or the shoreline. Utilizing a leading line can also create depth to your image … Continue readingLeading Lines