Rescue Dogs of Central New York

rescue dog

Why should you adopt? You save a life. You may benefit your own life. pets can keep you healthy. It may help combat puppy mills. Many rescues give you a chance to get to know the dog to ensure they are a good fit for your house and lifestyle.

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National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

October is National Adopt a shelter dog month.  Second Chance Canine Adoption Shelter continues to be committed to finding homes for abandoned dogs despite having to slightly change the process related to Covid 19.  The Center is currently not open related to Covid but volunteers continue to foster dogs and you can schedule appointments to…

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Big Sky

Dogs playing at beach

This weeks subject provided a little bit of a challenge this week.  The weather was not cooperating.  Although we had a few brief moments that I saw big puffy clouds, they didn’t happen to be at a time that I was free to take some images, nor did I have a dog with me. I decided…

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Head Tilt

dog ready for play

The head tilt of a dog is an adorable feature we humans seem to melt with.  In the case of a puppy, it doesn’t matter what kind of trouble he got himself into, one tilt of the head and a smile is brought to our face and all is forgiven.   Some speculation includes: Tilting their…

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dog, feet, selfie

Thursday June 21st is National Selfie day.  National Selfie day was established just 4 short years ago, but the act of taking self portraits started to become very popular with the advent of cell phones which had a camera attachment.  While the trend for selfie’s may have become popular at this time, I would challenge…

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Bear, dog

B    Bright ROGAN Bright Rogan L Loyal JAXSON Loyal Jaxson U Unrivaled TANK E Expressive WOLFGANG These dogs are all ‘Blue’ over not being adopted yet.  Just don’t Glance, Give them a Second Chance! Come visit Second Chance Saturday’s and Sundays 10am-2pm.   Project 52-Blog Circle This post is part of Project 52 which…

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Black and White

This week we are exploring one of my favorite types of images.  Black and White.  One of the things that drew me to photography to begin with was Ansel Adams and his black and white landscapes.  Much as I hate to admit it, I don’t process many images as black and white anymore.  Before digital…

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  This weeks blog is about humor.  I find humor in everyday situations or looks.  My first image is of my old dog Shamus.  He had developed difficulty with his legs/hips and had a tendency to drag his feet.  In order to protect the feet, I decided to try out some rainboots.  The only pair…

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A Headshot is an image that focuses on the head or head and shoulders of the subject.  Meet my models for this week.  They are all available at Second Chance Canine Adoption Shelter.  Come in and visit these beauties.   Buddy is a Labrador- Pit bull mix and is a sweet dog.  He is about one…

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