Peace on the Lake

During my stay at Sunny Point, I looked forward to the evenings.  There was such Peace on the Lake.

Storm coming over lake with dark blue sky during blue hour
Blue Storm

Despite starting my residency over an active labor day weekend, Keuka Lake became calm and peaceful in the evening.  Once the Holiday weekend was over, the nights were even more serene.  One night there was a storm on the horizon that drew me outside to witness.  The sky was amazing.  The sun had faded and it was now the blue hour of the evening.  The clouds filled the sky, but took on the bluish tone of the hour.  The distant storm though would periodically fill the sky with light.  Even though the lightning strikes were not visible, they would still  light up the clouds and define them.  Once the storm passed, and all was at peace, I turned around and saw the lights from the boathouse and cottage.  The lights spread just enough light to the artist studio to be able to capture a view of the buildings on the property at night.

Nighttime view of Artists Studio at Sunny Point
Art Studio at Sunny Point

On another night, I woke up in the wee hours of the morning, with light shining into my bedroom window.  It was the full moon, that was shining down.  It again drew me outside to take this image of the Artist studio.

Full moon over Art studio on Keuka Lake
Full Moon Artistry

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