dog, feet, selfie

Thursday June 21st is National Selfie day.  National Selfie day was established just 4 short years ago, but the act of taking self portraits started to become very popular with the advent of cell phones which had a camera attachment.  While the trend for selfie’s may have become popular at this time, I would challenge…

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To backlight an image simply means that your light source is coming from behind your subject.  You can use backlights in creative ways.  One way is to use the sun as your light source.  Hudson is my model here.  The sun is behind him and to the left, but also is high in the sky,…

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Get Close

Get Close with your photography.  Many photography guides will discuss the importance of filling- the- frame with the subject.  Most often these emphasize filling the majority of the image with the body or the face of your subject.  While these can be wonderful images, once you have taken those, move in even closer.  Bringing yourself…

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Leading Lines

walk, leading lines, bridge

Leading lines are a way you can draw the viewer into or through your image.  Leading lines can be found naturally, such as roads, fences, bridges, the line of a cliff or the shoreline. Utilizing a leading line can also create depth to your image as the road vanishes in the distance, or a bridge…

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The Year of the Dog

dogs of second chance

Chinese New Year of 2018 is the year of the Dog.  When I thought about that topic for this blog, what immediately came to mind are the dogs that had an impact on me this past year.  I decided to develop a collage of just a few of the  shelter dogs that had an impact on…

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Who Loves you?

There is nothing like love of a pet.  Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day for you and your pet. Valentine’s Day special 20% off any images in the Animal Gallery. Use the code Heart20 expires 2/17/18.

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Pluto- Out of This World

This weeks theme in our Project 52 project is Fantasy.  While I love fantasy, I am not used to producing fantasy from my own photography, so this was a bit of a struggle, but that’s also the beauty of this project.  Project 52 helps each of the photographer’s learn and grow as pet photographers.  I…

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Depth of Field with Nora

This adorable white boxer/pit bull terrier mix named Nora is helping me demonstrate Depth of Field.  Nora is about 3 years old and looking for a family that will spoil her with belly rubs and back scratches as well as long walks and playing ball. I took Nora for a walk this past weekend with…

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Passion for Horses

This is part of a series about my Artist in Residence for the Arts Center of Yates County.  For more on my Series, visit “10 days as an Artist in Residence”  and “Paws in the Gallery”   My project during my visit to Penn Yan, was to take pictures of women business owners with their animal…

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