Sometimes rescue animals are very distrusting of that big black box (camera) that you are holding to your face. One of the ways that I get them more relaxed is to play with them.   Once they are in motion running after a ball or toy  … Continue readingMotion


This weeks challenge is too use some sort of architectural element in our images.  I immediately thought about Franklin Square.  Franklin Square was initially an industrial neighborhood.  As industries moved out, but eventually someone had the great idea to turn the area into a combination … Continue readingArchitectural


This weeks challenge is using patterns.  For a moment I was pondering what I should do, then I realized I was already working on a pattern.   The benefit for Second Chance Canine Adoption Shelter is coming up next Friday and is sure to be a … Continue readingPatterns

Favorite Song

The challenge this week was to have our blog feature pictures that represent our favorite song. My taste in music ranges far and wide, so it was hard to come up with a favorite song.  I decided to choose “I knew I loved you” by Savage … Continue readingFavorite Song


Keeping it simple is the basic premise of minimalism.  Generally there will be a small number of elements in the photo.  For this image of Duke, is the only element that is in focus, but he is set against a background that is blurred, but … Continue readingMinimalism

Wide Angle

When taking images, you sometimes need to determine the best lens for the situation.  If you have a wide landscape and you wish to capture everything in the scene, it would be best to use a wide angle lens.  The first image here was of … Continue readingWide Angle