Pet Portraits and Urban Art

Syracuse Urban area

Syracuse is a wonderful area. Not only is it close to the beautiful waterfalls and gorges, it also has a beautiful urban area.

Urban Areas

There are multiple areas with lots of photo interest for your session. Franklin square has fountains and brick walls. In the springtime the Cherry blossoms and magnolia trees make a beautiful backdrop.

Urban Art

Syracuse has multiple places that have beautifully painted urban walls. I recently had a session downtown by one of these walls. We enjoyed having the dogs pose in the painted scenes and then also just sitting with the colorful walls fading out beyond them. We even played with a composite of Raylin “sitting” on the painted swing.

it’s fun to have a walking tour of an area of downtown while you and your dog enjoy each others company while I capture the magic.

It’s an International circle!

Join the fun! This group of International Professional Pet Photographers bring you information on our weekly topics. While we focus on one broad subject, we may each have a different spin on it or provide you with additional information from our world of pet photography. Follow the next link to view how the next amazing photographer tackles this weeks challenge.  Follow each link at the end of each blog until you return to me. Then you have successfully completed our blog circle. Enjoy!

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Kim Hollis of BARKography takes urban photos in the Southpark area of Charlotte NC in order to find new dog models for commercial pet photography work.

Meet Charlie

Charlie is a tricolored small dog that was found as a stray. He is friendly and affectionate and loves to cuddle on your lap. He is also smart, curious and quiet. Please contact Friends of Second chance

Friends of Second Chance Canine Adoption Shelter
6660 E. Seneca Turnpike
Jamesville, NY 13078

Capture your journey with your pet. Nancy Kieffer is a Certified Professional Pet, Equine and Nature Photographer Through Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Nancy serves Central New York, the Adirondacks and Beyond.  Capture how you share your life with your pet! It may be a vacation adventure or curled up on the couch with you. Travel assignments welcomed.

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Lessons from a Senior Dog

Nancy Kieffer

Working as a pet photographer as well as volunteering in a rescue, I have been blessed with getting to know a number of senior dogs. While I lost my Midnight at a young age, I was very fortunate to have Shamus with me for many years. Shamus was my clown, but boy did he know how to live! His wisdom grew as the years pressed on. I learned that each day spent with my senior dog was a lesson on the importance of living in the present, cherishing our bond and embracing our everlasting friendship.