watchfire 2015
watchfire 2015

The Fair grounds were filled with spectators for our ceremony to honor the veterans who are missing or deceased. The ceremony starts two days earlier, when veterans start to build the pyre and attach the worn and tattered flags that are donated for the cause. Many flags have words of remembrance for those that have been lost, or for those still living who still feel the effects of war and losing their friends and comrades. The first watchfire dates back to the Revolutionary war. Wounded soldiers would be able to find their way back to their camps with the lit fires.

Celebration honoring our veterans
Celebration honoring our veterans







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Celebrating Joy and Gratitude

Nancy Kieffer

Join me in celebrating a season of thanks, exploring gratitude practices, and embracing joyful living. Explore the profound connections with family, friends, and furbabies that make life truly enriching. This Black Friday, consider an alternative – spending the day in joy and gratitude. Come share your thankful moments with us as we navigate the beauty of grateful living.

Lessons from a Senior Dog

Nancy Kieffer

Working as a pet photographer as well as volunteering in a rescue, I have been blessed with getting to know a number of senior dogs. While I lost my Midnight at a young age, I was very fortunate to have Shamus with me for many years. Shamus was my clown, but boy did he know how to live! His wisdom grew as the years pressed on. I learned that each day spent with my senior dog was a lesson on the importance of living in the present, cherishing our bond and embracing our everlasting friendship.