Winter-Scape Taughannock Falls

The recent snow and frigid air may keep some people inside, but a friend and I decided to venture to Taughannock Falls to view the winter-scape. Taughannock Falls is located just North of Ithaca and is 215 ft tall which makes it the highest single waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains. The falls can be…

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Letchworth- Great Bend

letchworth pop-up waterfall

 I grew up near Letchworth and have been wanting to get back for a visit.  The forecast promised thunder storms around dawn with subsequent clearing just afterwards, but did indicate chances for occasional showers afterwards.  My thoughts immediately went to the Great Bend in Letchworth and that this was perfect conditions for fog to form in the deep gorge.   The Great Bend  area of Letchworth is where the the Genesee River takes a U-shaped turn and you can see a great expanse of the gorge.  This view really gives you a sense of why Letchworth is often called the Grand Canyon of the East.

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Eagle’s Cliff Falls

I took a ride with a friend down to see several waterfalls around the area.  We traveled to Havana Glen, which is just a few miles from Watkins Glen.  Eagles Cliff Falls is the little gem we came to see.  The trail is a short one in which you travel past a cascade of small…

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Filmore Glen in Autumn

Filmore Glen

We picked a rainy day to take a photographic safari in Fillmore Glen. As we drove down, it drizzled off and on, but when we arrived and ready to shoot, the rain started coming down heavier. Thank God for my present of a rain jacket for my camera. Although the rain gave us a challenge in keeping our photography gear dry, it blessed us with color. The colors of the trees really popped from the fresh rain.

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