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unconditional love

The Priceless Benefits of Being a Fur-Mom

They keep you company!

They are always willing to share your couch or your bed.

Shamus sharing the couch

They make you Laugh

Happy dog
Brutus can make you laugh

They help you stay active

dog walking
walking dog

They provide you with stress management

By listening too you and being with you

stress relief with a dog
stress relief with dog

They are happy to see you when you come home

dog dancing a happy dance
Happy dance

They are always up for adventure

dog ready for adventure
ready for adventure

They provide unconditional love

woman and dog unconditional love
unconditional love

Pet Portraits for a Fur Mom

What better way to celebrate being a fur-mom than to create some art with you and your pet. Nancy Kieffer Photography is now offering limited edition sessions now through May 15th at some local parks in the Syracuse and CNY area. Check out the calendar for locations and times near you.

This post is part of circular blog with other Professional Pet Photographers. Our goal is to focus on a particular topic/assignment each week and put our own spin on it. There are photographers from all over the world participating.  Follow the next link to view how the next amazing photographer tackles this weeks challenge.  Then follow each link at the end of each blog until you return to me. Then you have successfully completed our blog circle. Enjoy!

+++++ NOW head over to:

Kylee Doyle of Kylee Doyle Photography, serving pet parents in the greater Sacramento area.

Come and find your Best Friend!
Second Chance has a unique program near Syracuse N.Y. where inmates train the rescued dogs and it gives both the dogs and the inmates a second chance in life.  Appointments currently required related to Covid-19 protocols.
white active dog looking for adoption
  • Flurry is available for adoption. She is an active dog.
  • Looking for someone that will have time to play and keep her active.

Please contact Friends of Second Chance.

Friends of Second Chance Canine Adoption Shelter
6660 E. Seneca Turnpike
Jamesville, NY 13078

Capture your journey with your pet. Nancy Kieffer is a pet and nature photographer serving  Central New York, the Adirondacks and Beyond.  Capture how you share your life with your pet, whether it’s a vacation adventure or curled up on the couch. Travel assignments welcomed.

To book a session, Email: or call 315-469-8807.   Nancy also offers instruction in photography and Lightroom.