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Three tips for enjoying a snow day photo session with your dog

Photo sessions in the fall are really popular with the colorful leaves. Photo sessions tend to slow down after this season though with the coming cold and snow in winter. I find winter snow sessions magical though. When we are greeted with a blanket of fresh fallen snow, the images can be magical. Hanging out in the snow and cold though can make you irritable if you are not prepared.

Dress in Layers

The number one thing for your photo session is to make sure you and your pet are warm. While some dogs have the fur to withstand cold climates, others need some extra protection. A winter jacket may be needed for your furry friend. The same goes for you and any children. The best thing to do is to dress in layers. Starting with some long john’s, then your clothes you have chosen for the session. Finish off with a winter coat or jacket. Even if you would like a quick image without the coat, it will be good to have close by to put on immediately after the shot.

Boots & Accessories

Finding a cute winter hat and/or scarf to coordinate with your coat will add nice layers and some texture to your images. Don’t forget the gloves either. I have had sessions where the clients totally forgot about gloves and were miserable after a short time. Toe and hand warmers can also be helpful if it is a really cold day.

Boots will be a must if we are treking through the snow.

Tan and white dog
Tan and white dog

Blanket and plastic

A blanket can have multi-purposes. It can be used to keep you warm between shots, it can be used to wrap you and your pet in for some images of you together. The blanket can also be used for putting on the ground to sit on and help keep you dry. While I will bring plastic to lay out on the snow for sitting along with a blanket, you may have a blanket that is special to you that you would like to use for your session.

Copper colored dog playing keep away

Other Considerations:

When planning a snow session, the scheduling will need to be flexible. Even though we live in the snowy North, not all snowy days are suitable for our sessions. If the wind chill drops to a certain point, the conditions may be quite miserable despite the preparations, so the session will be rescheduled, or we may find an indoor area to have our session.

The best time for a snow session is early morning or just after the snow has fallen in order to have minimal traffic through the snow.

I have limited availability for snow sessions. Be sure to schedule a session now.

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Boston dog photographer Darlene Woodward shares a few portraits of her southern foster dog’s first snow.

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    I love the blanket idea when doing snow dog and family photos. Great tips!

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    Great tips and gorgeous images! brrrrr

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    Great tips for clients for their snow session! I like that you note that temperature will play a factor too – as in too cold / windchill means rescheduling.

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