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Ways you and your dog can enjoy time together and express your individuality

Enjoying fun activities with your dog not only strengthens your bond of togetherness but also is a great way to add mental stimulation to your pup’s life as well as physical activity. This promotes overall good health. Declan and I go on regular walks where we can explore new and different places.   At times he helps me scout out new locations for photo sessions and (reluctantly) models for me.

Whether you have a new puppy or old faithful by your side there are plenty of ways to express yourself and have FUN with your dog! 

Create a social media fan page. Are you and your pup ready to be internet sensations? If you love to spend time on the internet, creating a TikTok, Reel or Instagram page with your dog can be an enjoyable way to show off just how incredible your bond is.  Not into managing a budding social media star? use your own profile to share a photo of your dog each week. I generally share a picture of my boy about once a month. Check out

Sign up for a subscription box for you both. Treat yourself and your canine companion to a monthly goodie box! Snag a treat subscription box for your dog and a fun one for yourself. has products for both dogs and their moms.

Go on a walking tour. Play tourist in your own City! Dogs love to explore and what better way to see your own city than to take your best friend with you.  Have you explored the creekwalk?  The Onondaga creekwalk runs from Armory Square downtown to the southern shore of Onondaga Lake connecting to the lake trail.  

A good book and a nap. Rainy days don’t mean you can’t have fun with your dog!  All you need is the comfiest spot on the couch, a canine-at your feet (or curled up next to you)  and a few hours to read and then nap the afternoon away. 

Make some doggie treats. You will definitely keep your Buddy interested while you are whipping up some great smelling treats for him.  Check out these recipes. The frozen one is a great summer time treat.

Book a photoshoot with a professional pet photographer. Smartphone pics are great, but nothing catches the sparkle and soul and in your dog’s eyes like an experienced pet photographer. Plus, you can purchase wall art  that’s a focal point in your home, making you smile every time you see it.

Meet Tasha

Tasha is 3-4 years old and loves to play and cuddle. She is the perfect snuggle bug for you and your family. She is looking for an active home with older children. Please contact Friends of Second chance

Friends of Second Chance Canine Adoption Shelter
6660 E. Seneca Turnpike
Jamesville, NY 13078

Capture your journey with your pet. Nancy Kieffer is a Certified Professional Pet, Equine and Nature Photographer Through Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Nancy serves Central New York, the Adirondacks and Beyond.  Capture how you share your life with your pet! It may be a vacation adventure or curled up on the couch with you. Travel assignments welcomed.