Wide Angle

When taking images, you sometimes need to determine the best lens for the situation.  If you have a wide landscape and you wish to capture everything in the scene, it would be best to use a wide angle lens.  The first image here was of someone I photographed last summer.  She was playing fetch with her dog and the wide angle of the lens suited the dog who was running back and forth across a wide expanse of water.  I loved this image as he returned to ball to the his owner.  You can see the bond between the two.

dog, owner love, bond, fetch, wide angle
playing fetch


A wide angle may also be utilized to emphasize a certain portion of your subject.  These images were taken to emphasize the length of my dogs muzzle, the flail of his nose and the white beard he is starting to form under his chin.  These images can give a comical feel to the images because the lens causes some distortion to the image


dog, rescue, wide angle,
Declan wide angle



nose, mouth, dog, wide angle
Funny Face

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